Turkey Creek Christmas Tree Farm
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Turkey Creek Christmas Tree Varieties
Leyland Cypress is one of the most popular trees grown in the South for Christmas trees. This tree drops very few needles and with proper care, will easily stay fresh through the entire Christmas season. In addition to being a beautiful tree with soft foliage, it is grown from cuttings and does not produce pollen; therefore enabling many asthma suffers to enjoy a real tree in their home.

Carolina Sapphire and Blue Ice are varieties of the Arizona Cypress and two of the newest species developed for Christmas trees. Their foliage are blue green in color, soft to the touch, and very dense with an outstanding aroma. 
White Pine is a dense, full tree that has soft, blue green needles. This tree has a pleasant pine scent and decorates well with lightweight ornaments. (This White Pine won Best of Show at the 2014 SC State Fair)
Eastern Red Cedar is the South's traditional native Christmas tree. It has a wonderful cedar aroma and a dense, sometimes prickly, foliage. 
Virginia Pine is a native to the South and one of the most widely grown Christmas trees. It has short needles, dense foliage, and a pleasant pine scent. Its strong branches make it an excellent choice for hanging heavy ornaments. (This Virginia Pine won Best of Show at the 2015 SC State Fair)